Club programme 2018


The Club’s default event is Club Pairs.  These events combine to make up our Quarterly Ladder Competitions on both Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

 Play commences at 1.30pm and we ask players to be seated by 1.20 p.m. and we aim to finish by 4.30 p.m.  If you think you will arrive after 1.20 p.m. please ring us on 07880 872710 otherwise we will have to start without you.  Please therefore ensure that you allow sufficient time to arrive at the Club before 1.20 p.m.. 

 Other events in the calendar or variations in the above arrangements are indicated below:


2018                      Event                                                     Start Time

Thurs. 4th Oct       Championship Pairs (2)

Thurs. 11th Oct      Club Charity Pairs

Wed. 17th Oct        Club Draw for Teams

Wed. 24th Oct        Championship Pairs (2)

Thurs. 1st Nov        Championship Pairs (3)

Wed. 7th Nov          Bridge Day**                                      10.45 am

Wed. 14th Nov        Ecats Children in Need Sim Pairs*

Wed. 28th Nov        Championship Pairs (3)

Thurs. 6th Dec        Championship Pairs (4)

Mon. 17th Dec        Relaxed Christmas Party

Wed. 19th Dec        Christmas Party**

Thurs. 20th Dec      Christmas Party**

Wed. 26th Dec         NO BRIDGE

Thurs. 27th Dec       NO BRIDGE


Thurs. 3rd Jan      Championship Pairs (5)

Wed. 23rd Jan      Championship Pairs (4)

Thurs. 7th Feb      Championship Pairs (6)

Thurs. 21st Feb     Ploughman's Lunch**              12 noon

Wed. 27th Feb      Championship Pairs (5)

Thurs. 7th March   Ecats Charity Challenge Sim Pairs*

Thurs. 14th March Championship Pairs (7)

Wed. 27th March   Championship Pairs (6)

Wed. 3rd April       Anniversary Party**

Thurs. 4th April     Anniversary Party**

Thurs. 11th April   Championship Pairs (8)

Wed. 17th April     Championship Pairs (7)

Wed. 24th April     Annual General Meeting**        13.10 pm

Wed. 1st May        EBU Spring Sim Pairs*

Thurs. 16th May    Bridge Day**                             10.45 am

Wed. 22nd May     Championship Pairs (8)


*   Sim pair (members only or members and accompanied guest)

**  Members only






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