Events & Roster November 2018 - January 2019

  Events & Roster  November 18 to January 19  
Events are open to visitors unless **= MbrOnly:      *=MbrAccompanied          
Start times:  Mornings= 09.45: Afternoons= 13.30; Lunch Events= 12.00: Bridge Days= 11.00  
Players must be seated 10 minutes before the above times.  
If you are cutting it fine, ring 07880872710 to let us know.  
Date Time Description Dir BM   Time   Description   Dir Sup  
1 A Championship Pairs 3 Barclays Bank Qualifier CT RG   M Supervised   CT   AF
7 B Bridge Day** CT DB            
8 A Club Pairs DB CJ   M Supervised   CT SM
14 A Sim Pairs Ch. in Need* GH PW            
15 A Club Pairs CT AP   M Supervised   MS MDe
21 B Club Pairs MD MR/GH            
22 A                 Club Pairs DP JS   M Supervised   CT BS
28 A Championship Pairs 3 JH DB            
29 A Club Pairs BD CJ   M Supervised   CT JA
5 A Club Pairs GH PW              
6 A Championship Pairs 4 DB RG   M Supervised   CT VC  
12 A Club Pairs JH GH              
13 A Club Pairs CT AP   M Supervised   RG JHu  
19 A Christmas Party** MD MR              
20 A Christmas Party** DP JS   M Supervised   CT BS  
26 A NO BRIDGE                  
27 A NO BRIDGE                  
2 A     Club Pairs BD DB            
3 A     Championship Pairs 5 CT CJ   M Supervised   CT SP
9 A     Club Pairs GH PW            
10 A     Club Pairs DB RG   M Supervised   CT SM
16 A     Club Pairs JH GH            
17 A     Club Pairs DP AP   M Supervised   MS AF
23 A     Championship Pairs 4 BD MR            
24 A     Club pairs CT JS   M Supervised   CT MDe
30 A     Club Pairs GH DB            
31 A     Club pairs MD CJ   M Supervised   CT BS
Key to names                                                                                                    
DB Derek Bruce               GH  Graham Hardman     JS Jean Senior             WH Walid Haddad  
BD  Bet Davies                     RG  Rod Grundy                 AP Anne Plunkett          PW Peter Wrighton  
MD  Maureen Dewhurst    JH  John Harvey                 DP  Dave Packard         CJ Catherine Jeffries  
CT Clive Turner                    MS Mervyn Scutter            AF  Angela Forster       SM Sheila Merriman  
JHu  Jan Hubbard                SP  Sue Pulley                     BS Bryony Seppings        MR Martin Russell  
VC  Val Canham                  JA Jill Abbott                       MDe Mike Dean


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