Membership Policy


To ensure the standard of play at the club sessions is maintained, it has been necessary to form a sub-committee of three Committee members who will meet monthly to discuss applications.

Acceptance of an application will take into consideration the following:

 ·                                 Current NGS score

 ·                                 Average score on Pianola

·                                 Play at club sessions - players with no NGS grade must play at least twice in a club session within the three months prior to application

 ·                                 Play at relaxed sessions

·                                 Play at improver sessions - up to a maximum period of two years

 ·                                 Whether they are Bawburgh residents

 ·                                 Any objections received


Where a person has been unable to achieve membership, they will be advised of the reason why and what is needed to achieve membership.


Should membership lapse for any reason, all applicants must reapply.


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