Membership Policy


The Club welcomes applications for Membership from all bridge players subject only to their capablity and acceptability to existing members. 

 At its 2018 AGM the Committee proposed and the members approved the following revised membership procedure which is now fully in force:

 Membership application procedure 

 The procedure is managed on behalf of the Committee by the Membership Secretary who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

Contact details : 

Clive Turner

mobile 07738921869 

You can download an application form here

 Memebrship Application Form 







Please note:




The Committe may give special consideration to applicants who live in Bawburgh.




The Committee may suspend consideration of new applications if the available facilities and resources available to the club would otherwise be overwhelmed or the quality of the playing experience of members would be impaired.




Should an application be refused an explanation will be normally given although under its Constitution the Club is under no obligation to do so.


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