Supervised Play Thursday mornings

 Supervised Play


This Programme is aimed at those who are relatively new to the game or who have limited experience of club bridge and who want to improve with the expectation of being able to compete successfully at club level. We do expect that participants will at least have some knowledge and experience of bridge by, for example, having attended the beginners bridge sessions run by the club, having had some other lessons or by having some other playing experience.  If you’re not sure whether this will be right for you contact Clive Turner (see below) or a committee member. Alternatively just turn up and have a go! 


These sessions also help those who want to join a bridge club to get accustomed to the practices and equipment of the club game.


The Sessions usually follow a pattern of playing 12 - 15 hands of duplicate bridge under the supervision of at least two experienced club players who will be on hand to give advice on bidding, declarer play, defence and any other aspects of club bridge in response to requests by players. 


The emphasis is very much on giving help and guidance in a friendly and supportive setting.

There will no longer be a formal lesson or directed teaching session but occasionally matters of general interest will be raised by a supervisor for the benefit of all.


Please note that the purpose of the sessions is to consider each hand on its merits so the element of competition has been removed and the hands will not be formally scored and results will not be recorded. 


Whilst it is preferable if players attend as pairs, the supervisors will endeavour to ensure that anyone who turns up will get the opportunity to participate.


Each session starts at 10.00 and will finish by 12.30. The cost is £2 per Session for members and £3 for non members.  Refreshments are available at no extra charge.


Clive Turner will be running most sessions and can be contacted by email; or telephone 01603 789409, Mobile 07738921869.






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