Tip - Think carefully before you claim.

When a claim is made by declarer or when declarer shows his remaining cards as a claim,  all possibilities of further play cease. A claim must be accompanied by a clear statement about the order of play of the remaining cards and the line of play to win the claimed tricks.

The claim applies to all tricks after the one in play.  Making a claim during the play of the trick automatically establishes a revoke if one has occurred in the current trick.  It is equivalent to playing to the next trick.

A concession by the defenders is slightly different. If partner objects to the concession, no  concession has occurred.  However if partner does not object, again all play ceases.

Although the claim or concession was agreed at the time, the agreement can be withdrawn within the club's Correction Period, if a player has conceded a trick he did win or would have won.The club's Correction Period ends 20 minutes after the final results are displayed in the club room.

If there is any doubt as to the validity of the claim you must call the director. The director's job is to adjudicate as equitably as possible.  However, the law provides him with the following instructions:-

  • All attempts to refine the initial statement made by the claimer must be ignored.
  • Any doubtful point in a claim will be resolved against the claimer
  • If the defenders have a trump,  a trick will be awarded to them if the claimer made no statement about this trump or is unaware of its existence and a trick could be lost by 'normal' play.  Normal' includes careless and inferior play for the class of player.
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