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The Club is well known for providing a friendly and sociable atmosphere and we cater for bridge players of all standards. It probably will  be a while until we're all comfortable enough to be in a session as crowded as this one though.

Our main sessions are played at Bawburgh Village Hall on Wednesday & Thursday afternoons (starting at 1.30)We also provide Beginner lessons on Wednesday mornings,  and Relaxed sessions on Monday mornings. To find us, click on the "Map" link under "About BBC".

Health precautions.

We're obviously going to be very careful for the next few months and our "house rules" for the time being are as follows.

We will expect members will have been "double jabbed". If a member wishes to bring a visitor it is the member's responsibility to check the the visitor has also been vaccinated.

We will require players to wear face masks when moving about the hall, but are leaving it to your discretion whether to do so at the table.

We will provide hand sanitiser for use on entry to the hall.


Programme of events.

Our events are shown in the Club Programme in the menu. Players are required to be seated by 1.20pm and play will commence at 1.30pm. The Club is sensitive to members’ views on start and finish times and has established a policy whereby if you think that you will arrive after 1.20pm and before 1.30pm please ring us on 07949 764096 otherwise we will have to start without you.  Please therefore ensure that you allow sufficient time to arrive at the Club before 1.20pm. Visitors are always welcome except for a few member-only events indicated in the Programme. 

All our hands are predealt.  We use Bridgemate electronic scoring for all our sessions. Our results are provided by Pianola, which we think offers the most comprehensive tool available for performance analysis.


A cashless club!

We are now operating as a cashless club. We are using the BrianMas accounting system developed specifically for bridge clubs.

In summary, everyone has their own pot of money held by the club, which can be added to using bank transfers (or cheques if you don't have access to online banking). As you play sessions the table money will be withdrawn form your pot. Everyone can to see their own pool for money and the transactions using the link at the top right of the site. 

Members feedback to the Committee

Important - Data Protection - Members action required

The Club is fully committed to protecting members data. There are new regulations with which we need to comply.

If you haven't already done so, please read this document and let us know whether you agree that we can include your contact details in the Club handbook. Without your explicit consent we will not be allowed to include your details.

GDPR permissions form


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Online Payments

Supervised Play sessions

We expect to restart these on Wednesday mornings in March.

There will be 12-15 boards and experienced players will be available to provide help & guidance if necessary. 

You won't need to come with a partner, we will pair people up on the day.

Some sessions will be themed, others will have randomly dealt hands.



2022 Beginners course

Provisional Dates

  • 1st Term:  02/03/22 to 25/05/22 with  1/2 term break on 13/4/22 (12 Lessons)
  • 2nd Term;  08/06/22 to 31/08/22 with 1/2 term break on 13/07/22 (11 lessons)
  • 3rd Term:  21/09/22 to 30/11/22 with 1/2 term break on 26/10/22 (10 lessons)


Please contact Matt Jackson (mattjack60@gmail.com) for further information & costs


Relaxed Sessions - Monday mornings


These are at Bawburgh Village Hall with the doors opening at 09.30, play starting at 10.00 (please be seated by 9.50) and finishing at 12.45 to enable the hall to be vacated by 13.30. They offer a gentle and social beginning to the week with up to 20 boards being played. You don't need a partner, we will find you one if you like. If you would like to come, please contact 

Bet Davies:  Phone 01953 603234 and email betdavies1@gmail.com


For more detail about these sessions please see the menu item to the left.



Play Bridge in Norfolk

Here is a link to a new web site designed to provide information to anyone looking for somewhere to play bridge. It is mainly aimed at people looking to learn or improve.

Play Bridge in Norfolk

Any feedback on the site will be much appreciated.

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