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 Play takes place on Monday mornings in Bawburgh Village Hall, commencing at 10am and finishing about 1.00pm.  The hall is open from 9.30am. Players are expected to be seated, ready to play by 9:45 am.  The sessions cost £2.00 for members and £3.00 for visitors.  This fee includes continuous access to refreshments and biscuits.  Players are guaranteed a partner if they attend individually.  Visitors are welcome to play in the Club’s Relaxed session with us as often as they wish.


  This session is designed for players who are looking for experience of duplicate bridge in a relaxed environment, as a way of acquiring the speed and confidence to play in the Club’s main sessions  on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.   However, about two thirds of our players are existing Club members who like playing often, or in the morning. 


   Our current aim is to play about 20 hands of bridge at a slightly more relaxed pace than the Club’s main sessions. We have a set of modified movements which enable us to award master points with smaller numbers of hands.


   Our sessions are managed by qualified and experienced Bridge Directors.  We use Bridgemate scoring equipment and all the boards are pre-dealt randomly.  All our results are available on the Club’s website at


    New players need have no concerns about working with our automated scoring system.   It takes less than one session to become used to its essentials.  The occupier of the North seat manages the scoring, and all are experienced in using our equipment; they will gladly explain things as each result is entered and checked.


   Registered members of affiliated bridge clubs can just turn up and use their EBU numbers with our scoring equipment.  If you are not currently an active member of a registered bridge club, your old EBU number is invalid and ineffectual.   You need to notify us at least a day before your first appearance, by contacting the session organiser identified at the bottom of the page. All we need at this stage is your name.  If you would like to receive the results by email after play, you can supply this optional information.


   All new players are given a permanent 3-digit Club number which can be used with our scoring system at any Club event.  Our scoring system is equally happy with either number.


   When or if you decide you want to play with us regularly, we will ask you to complete one of our application forms.  The required data includes your name, your EBU number, if you are currently a Club member of a named club, your email address, telephone number and home address.


Bet Davies    Phone 01953 603234 and email  















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