Club programme


Our regular events are club pairs each Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Please try to be seated by 1.20 ready for a 1.30 start.

As a trial, Thursday events will start at 12.45 during December and January.


We also run a realxed pairs each Monday morning. Please arrive by 9.50 ready for a 10.00 start. Partners can be found for people without one.


Special afternoon events are shown in the table below.





Date Event Start time Info
Thursday 5th Jan Championship Pairs (5) 12.45  
Wednesday 25th Jan Championship Pairs (5) 1.30  
Thursday 2nd Feb Championship Pairs (6) 1.30  
Thursday 16th Feb Ploughman's lunch 11.30 Members Only
Wednesday 22nd Feb Championship Pairs (6) 1.30  
Thursday 2nd Mar Championship Pairs (7) 1.30  
Wednesday 15th Mar

Draw for teams

Thursday 16th Mar Ecats Charity Challenge Sim Pairs 1.30  
Wednesday 22nd Mar Championship Pairs (7) 1.30  
Wednesday 29th Mar Anniversay Party 1.30 Members Only
Thursday 30th Mar Anniversay Party 1.30 Members Only 
Thursday 6th Apr Championship Pairs (8) 1.30  
Wednesday 26th Apr Championship Pairs (8) 1.30  
Thursday 27th Apr AGM 1.00 Members Only
Wednesday 10th May EBED Spring Sim Pairs 1.30  
Wednesday 17th May Bridge Day 10.30 Members Only
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