Club programme

Our regular events are club pairs each Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Please be seated by 1.20 ready for a 1.30 start.

We also run a relaxed pairs each Monday morning. Please be seated by 9.45 ready for a 10.00 start. Partners can be found for people without one.


Special afternoon events are shown below.

Weds   26th June 24         Norfolk Show                                    12:30

Thurs   27th June 24         Norfolk Show                                    12:30

Weds   3rd July 24            Ecats Sim Pairs

Weds   21st Aug 24          Ploughman’s Lunch                          12:00

Thurs   5th Sept 24           Champ Pairs (1)

Weds   17th Sept 24         Handicap Teams event

Weds   24th Sept 24         Champ Pairs (1)

Thurs   3rd Oct 24            Champ Pairs (2)

Weds   9th Oct 24             Charity Pairs

Weds   23rd Oct 24          Champ Pairs (2)

Weds   6th Nov 24            Barclays Qual

Thurs   7th Nov 24           Champ Pairs (3) + Barclays Qual

Weds   13th Nov 24         Children in Need Sim Pairs

Thurs   14th Nov 24         Bridge Day                                       10:30

Weds   27th Nov 24         Champ Pairs (3)

Thurs   5th Dec 24           Champ Pairs (4)

Mon     9th Dec 24           Relaxed Xmas Party

Weds   11th Dec 24         Christmas Party**

Thurs   12th Dec 24        Christmas Party**

Weds   18th Dec 24         Champ Pairs (4)

Monday 23rd & 30th Dec    Normal Bridge



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