Club Rules


  • The Club is ‘non-smoking’; smoking is not allowed anywhere within Bawburgh Village Hall.
  • Players shall be at their table, ready to play, 10 minutes before the due start time for every event.
  • Members should adhere to “Best Behaviour at Bridge”, behaving in a courteous manner to partners and opponents at all times and observing the laws of bridge which define bridge etiquette.
  • Players shall avoid loud discussion of hands and/or results during an event.


  • Members shall pay their annual subscription, due on 1st April, by the end of April. Failure to do so will cause their membership to lapse.


  • Visitors may play at the club at most events.  However they must apply for membership if they play at the club more than three times.

Conditions of Play

  • When playing at the club, players agree to be bound by the conditions of play defined below
    • Players agree to limited personal details being held on the Club's computer system, to facilitate the administration of the Club and scoring of events.
    • Play at the club is governed by the Laws of Bridge, by the club’s Code of Conduct. and by EBU’s playing regulations as defined in the EBU’ s Blue Book and White Books, except where they are varied by paragraphs below

Club Variations of EBU Regulations

  • Conventions up to level 4 are permitted.
  • Partnerships should provide two identical convention cards, preferably on one of the EBU forms, or on the front of the Score Card.
    • In the absence of a convention card, players should make their systems known to their opponents.
    • The following systems are accepted at BBC as being generally understood:- ACOL, Benji ACOL and 5 Card Majors. Convention cards are mandatory for all other bidding systems.
    • In the absence of a convention card or a disclosure of system, the director and opponents are entitled to assume that the partnership is playing ACOL.
  • Corrections to scores must be raised within 20 minutes of the results being published, unless the director rules otherwise.
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