Typically a bottle of champagne though alternatives are available if preferred. 


Results qualify for club competitions only if both in the playing partnership are club members. 

Scores by ineligible partnerships are excluded from the competition's results. 

Handicapped competitions are based on event scores adjusted by using the players' handicaps taken from the previous quarters results


Outline of the Club Year 

The  club playing year commences on June 1st and is divided into four quarters.

  • Summer June 1st - August 31st 
  • Autumn September 1st - November 30th
  • Winter December 1st - February 28/9th
  • Spring March 1st - May 31st     

Both Wednesdays and Thursdays have a Ladder Competition and a Championship Pairs.

Ladder Competitions

The quarterly Ladders are individual competitions using the results from all the match-pointed pairs events in the quarter.  8 results must be submitted to be eligible for the competition. If more are submitted the best 8 are used.

The competition is handicapped using the average handicaps of both members of the playing partnership on the day.  Individual handicaps are derived from each player's average score in the previous quarter as documented in the player's Pianola record.

The Ladder Competition results are based on the average of each player's best 8 handicapped scores in the quarter.

Championship Pairs

This competition aims to establish the best pairs partnership in the club for the year. It is not handicapped. 

There are 8 events in the competition. 5 results must be submitted by the partnership to qualify. If more the best 5 results are used.  The winning partnership is the one with the highest average of their best five scores.


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