New Privacy Notice 2018

Click on the link below to see the Privacy notice for Bawburgh Bridge Club. This has been tailored from a standard format provided to the club by the EBU.


New Privacy Notice 2018




Data Protection

The Law

All organisations  that hold computer records are subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act, although Bridge Clubs are exempt from its regulatory provisions.

Member Data

The club holds the following information on members:-

  • Member name, address,phone numbers and email addresses
  • Club membership status including date of joining and last subscription payment
  • EBU membership status including date of joining, member number and member ranking
  • The results of events and competitions over the last two years

Club Purposes

The membership data is held by the club for the following purposes:-

  • Management of membership records and the club’s income from members.
  • Preparing the club membership card which is distributed to club members.
  • Preparing and distributing to members communications from the committee.
  • Preparing the club's computer web-site.
  • Preparing EBU Master Point and Pay-to-Play statements and submitting them to the EBU

Club Undertakings

The club makes to the members the following undertakings regarding the management of member data:-

  • Access to member data on the club website, (other than by committee members) will be under the control of the members.
  • The club undertakes to use member data only for the purposes described in paragraph 3 above.
  • The club undertakes not to communicate this data to third parties unless the members agree.

Member Undertakings

The member has to undertake to abide by the club rules when joining the club. These include an acceptance by the member of the club's policies for managing and using member data as described in this document.

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